The future of personal finance

08.11.2018 | SuperWebinar

Here is a transcript of the speech I gave at the first edition of SuperWebinar on Saturday 3rd November 2018. It was an introduction to the whole online conference, which is devoted to the future of personal finance. Links to presentations and to video recordings of the webinars can be found in the text.   […] Read more

London entrepreneur offers free online conference dedicated to the future of personal finance

29.10.2018 | SuperWebinar

On Saturday 3rd November 2018 the SuperWebinar, a free online conference devoted to the future of personal finance management, will be held. The conference kicks off at 3 pm GMT (London, UK) and will finish at 7:15 pm. The programme of the conference you can find here with the time zone converter, should you need […] Read more

Join us for four exciting hours of SuperWebinar, a free online conference devoted to the future of personal finance

25.10.2018 | SuperWebinar

Have you ever considered why our super modern societies are crushed by mountains of debt? How is it possible that a typical, well-educated citizen who lives in one of the most advanced countries in the world has an average household consumer debt (excluding mortgages and student loans) worth one-fourth of their yearly income? In every […] Read more

The future of personal finance and how to benefit from developing trends

20.10.2018 | SuperWebinar

On November 3rd we are launching the first edition of the SuperWebinar – an online conference devoted to personal finance management. This skill is absolutely essential for success, wellbeing and peace of mind. The big challenge with modern finance is that it has become more complex. That means that financial management requires quite a versatile […] Read more

These forty years now I’ve been speaking in prose without knowing it! Newsletter of The Financial Manifesto – Issue #2

29.08.2018 | Newsletter

It takes time and courage to transform our financial habits and decisions. Finances are deeply rooted in everything we do. They affect everything we plan, dream and pursue. You can read a new book on personal finance management every week, you can attend a new financial workshop every weekend, you can download every financial app […] Read more

Easy and comfortable life is not as great as you may think. Newsletter of The Financial Manifesto – Issue #1

19.08.2018 | Newsletter

Our patterns of thinking and the ways in which we behave follow messages that have been recorded in our minds throughout our lives. We reproduce what we have learned from our parents and siblings, then from our teachers and friends in school. We play roles designed for us by the media and advertising industry, and […] Read more

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