The 3 dangerous myths that prevent us from earning more money

19.11.2019 | SuperWebinar

There are three types of people who run personal finance management projects. A rich and famous influencer whose message to the audience is “if you want to be rich, happy and famous like me, just follow my advice.” An expert who showcases his or her great professional career and various certificates and says “look how […] Read more

4 top-trending articles about money in 2018 part 2 of 3

Financial planning, investing, and education for kids – these are the hottest topics published on my blog in 2018.  The article What you need to know about professional financial planning gives essential advice to anyone who wants to be successful with money.  The only reasonable antidote to the complexity and challenges of modern finance is through […] Read more

3 intriguing articles about money part 1 of 3

In October 2017 I started my blog on personal finance. Two intensive years! The first two years of writing the blog were to support our projects, like meetups, online courses and webinars, so I didn’t pay too much attention to reaching a wider audience. It was more for PR purposes and to build a good […] Read more

I am not passionate about personal finance!

04.10.2019 | A Wider Perspective

This text is the result of my last attempt to fill in the ‘About’ section of our website. About me, about us? What to write about? How to introduce myself? How to be serious, interesting, funny, and relevant for our readers, for you, at the same time?  (By the way, please leave your thoughts in […] Read more

The best 15 questions you can ever ask about your personal finance

Did you ever consider how powerful questions are? Are you asking the right ones? If you want a better life then ask better questions. To ask questions is a big deal! We all ask questions, of course, but they are often framed in the wrong way. Questions such as: “Why is this happening to me?” […] Read more

How to survive Brexit and how to benefit from it

22.09.2019 | Brexit

Brexit is all over the media headlines again  It has actually been a hot topic for three long years now, but at the moment it’s getting even more coverage because of new Prime Minister claims he wants to leave the EU at any cost. I can’t even remember if we ever experienced such a roller […] Read more

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