Online Personal Finance Course: How to make your money work for you!

This Online Personal Finance Course: “How to make your money work for you!” is based on my own personal experiences of life and finance. It puts forward a set of patterns of thinking and specific action plans that have proved effective for me personally. The course also offers lots of practical advice along the way. I […] Read more

Easy and comfortable life is not as great as you may think. Newsletter of The Financial Manifesto – Issue #1

19.08.2018 | Newsletter

Our patterns of thinking and the ways in which we behave follow messages that have been recorded in our minds throughout our lives. We reproduce what we have learned from our parents and siblings, then from our teachers and friends in school. We play roles designed for us by the media and advertising industry, and […] Read more

How to enjoy the Christmas & New Year festive season without being broke in January

18.08.2018 | Meetup

Christmas and New Year’s festivities are the most extraordinary periods of the year. There are so many great things happening during this time: a lot of gifts, special events, festive food, big family gatherings, relaxation with friends, lovely smells, sounds and decorations; time to slow down and enjoy life! And when New Year comes, we […] Read more

The 12 Golden Rules Of Investment

Good, tried-and-tested investment rules enable you to develop effective strategies and tactics. If you want your investment to flourish, internalize the 12 golden rules of investment and make them part of every endeavour. Before you start investing, it’s good to spend some time on preparation. Investment is kind of like the crown of personal finance […] Read more

Why I am not surprised that 70% of the British are broke

14.07.2018 | Behind Money

Britain is a country with one of the highest rates of Nobel prize laureates. It’s home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, and its capital city is a booming global finance hub. So how come British citizens are crippled by mountains of debt? Thousands of people from around the world come […] Read more

8 key elements of personal finance management

13.06.2018 | Financial Planning

If you ask people around you what they think personal finance is all about, they will probably tell you their shopping experience is, how much they spent, and how exciting it is. They might admit some online special deals and how cool all their credit cards look in a wallet. When you dig deeper, they […] Read more

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