The mission of The Financial Manifesto project is to transform global finances from the often unjust and corrupt systems which can be sources of suffering, into effective and transparent tools of both individual and social well being.

We do this through financial education, financial events, business projects, social campaigns and an AI-based financial advisor.

The Financial Manifesto was born out of two big dreams:

1. The dream for a better world, a better society, where there are no such shameful injustices – whether in London or Warsaw, Johannesburg, New York or New Delhi, or any other place in the world. Huge and unacceptable financial gaps between rich and poor are mostly caused by a lack of financial education and social mobility.

2. The dream for better individual lives, where money is not a source of stress and suffering but a way to achieve big and noble goals; and where effective money management can eventually bring about personal peace and stability.

Finance is a system. And like any system, if we want it to be fair, effective, to run smoothly and serve both social and individual goals, we need to understand it and play by its rules. All of us, and not only some of us.

Last but not least, in order to create money and manage it effectively we need to be entrepreneurs; we have to be proactive, diligent and self-disciplined. We must develop this entrepreneurial spirit. We need to engage in a constant learning process.

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