How to make your money work for you!

It takes faith to change your financial situation. Financial awareness isn’t just a matter of all that technical knowledge about compound interest, assets, loans, etc- it also requires a very personal effort to create new habits and new patterns of thinking.

This course plots my own personal journey from complete financial ignorance (including a lot of debt and a bloodthirsty consumerist attitude) towards a life lived wisely through financial planning and a newly heightened financial IQ. I formed new and effective spending and saving habits, and a whole new way of thinking.

Here you will find 50+ financial tips, 30+ exercises, 20+ useful links to expand your financial knowledge, 11 sessions, and 10 models of financial life.


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Why have I written this course?

Because I believe that everyone deserves a stress-free financial life. According to well-known statistics, most of British society- and I’m afraid, any society in the so-called developed world- is sinking in debt. Britons are forced to sell their houses and move to cheaper boroughs. Most British citizens wouldn’t be able to survive more than a month if they lost their jobs. Nowadays, even young people- who more often than not don’t yet fully grasp the complexity of adult life – are forced into debt if they wish to go on to higher education.

And what is the reason for this terrifying situation? A distinct lack of financial education and financial literacy. 95% of us have our financial priorities  completely wrong. If you don’t understand how money works or what is the relationship between your habits, your pattern of thinking and your financial condition, then you can expect to have a pretty miserable life. You have to understand the concept of money. You need to gain proper financial knowledge. You need to know which financial products are good for you, and which you should avoid.

Finance is not rocket science. Everyone can be a kind of genius in their personal finance management!

Like everything else in our life, it’s just a matter of a good education and proper practice. You can learn finance in the same way you might learn how to drive a car, play the guitar, or speak a foreign language. And this course helps you to make those first few steps on a new and fascinating journey to achieve the goals of being financially literate, independent and free.

Who is this course for?

For those who have debts and don’t know how to effectively get rid of them

For those who are not happy with their personal finance and are thinking about changing their situation

For those who are about to make a serious financial decision like taking out credit or a mortgage, and want to make sure that they will make the best possible decisions

For those who want to save more money and need useful tips

For those who want to multiply their earnings and are looking for advice

What you get when you buy this course

You get 50+ financial tips, 30+ exercises, 20+ useful links to expand your financial knowledge, 11 sessions and 10 models of financial life. Plus plenty of real-life examples, practical knowledge and a lot of inspiration.

You will also be added to our closed Facebook group to enable you to discuss financial challenges, share experiences, support and be supported!

What users of this course say about it

Andrzej Manka has put together an excellent personal finance primer for anyone interested in personal finance management. I was very impressed with the overall content and the specific advice provided.

James L. Paris, Best-Selling author of more than 10 books including “Money Management for Those Who Don’t Have Any”.

This course is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to gain control of their financial life. The hazards are real, the financial sessions solid, and the charts handy, if you find yourself dwelling on a few of the verses at the end of the sessions that might not be such a bad thing.  Of course, the primary task is to get started managing and growing your financial future. Andrzej Manka’s guide will certainly help you take forward steps on this exciting journey.

Elizabeth Ann Lawless, #1 Amazon best-selling author, publisher and speaker, Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

This is a real compendium of financial knowledge which has been presented in a simple and interesting format.

Wiesław Kluz, entrepreneur and author of books on business

The course will give you unique knowledge that is not accessible in training courses.

Aleksandra Wysocka-Zanko, finance journalist

Information in this online course is presented in a simple and easy style. All the know-how is very practical so you can start applying it immediately.

Edyta, real estate broker and course subscriber

I belong to that group of people who don’t have any problem with money, so I started reading the course with a certain dose of scepticism. Much to my surprise, every session of this course revealed unknown facts about the world of finance presented from various inspiring perspectives. The course is written in an attractive and understandable way.

Przemek Gros, IT specialist and entrepreneur

I am so glad that financial stuff finally made sense to me in the form of this online personal finance course. I now focus on implementing tips from the course. I was even able to adjust my budget to the model presented in one of the first sessions of the course.

Artur Szewczyk, course subscriber

Why does this course need Google docs?

I have prepared this course in Google Docs because this enables you to work with the course actively. This course is not only about reading, but also about making notes, highlighting, and planning your own financial success. You can copy the course to your Google drive, or download it as a Word or Open office file if you prefer. But you can also easy and quickly share notes from this course in Google doc with our team, getting quick answers to your personal questions.

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This Online Personal Finance Course…

…is based on my own personal experiences of life and finance. It puts forward a set of patterns of thinking and specific action plans that have proved effective for me personally, and for many of my readers too. The course also offers lots of practical advice along the way.
I have been particularly interested in personal money management since I experienced financial trouble myself. Some time ago, I began writing a succession of notes and reminders, initially for my personal use only. At first, I never had any intention of publishing a financial course or book for others.
At the time, I was merely seeking to collect and implement all the most useful insights, ideas and exercises I had either found or created, based on my reading on financial management and personal development.
I analysed my own situation, did a lot of soul-searching and asked myself these core questions:

How can I get clear of my troubles?
What is the main cause of debt?
What can I do to become rich?
What do riches and wealth mean for me?
How can I save?
How can I earn more?

The more questions you ask, the greater chance you actually have of developing and moving forward.
And now I want to share this knowledge with you.

This course is not going to tell you how to be rich overnight, or give you a magic formula for success. This course is about real-life strategies and tactics. It shows you how to patiently and systematically achieve financial freedom and accomplish your financial dreams.

This course should prove helpful for anyone interested in efficient methods of debt management and for those who want to achieve their own financial freedom. However, it is also a part of a larger undertaking in financial education. Alongside the internet course, we offer workshops, webinars, blogs, an AI-based financial advisor (2018/2019) and financial consultancy in an integrated package of support.

The OBJECTIVES of the course are:
To equip you with a fundamental understanding of important personal financial management techniques.
To communicate a number of useful tools to aid the planning of family and personal budgets.
To provide advice on how to make accurate short-term and long-term financial decisions.
To propose ideas about how to deal with debt and how to become financially free.
To show you how to save money
To give you knowledge about how to budget your money
To show you how to earn more
To enable you to understand how money works
To make you aware of the emotions behind any financial decisions you make

Methods and Contents
There are eleven sessions, all arranged in simple and easy-to-follow steps:
a) Discussion of the key session topic, clearly explained and easy to apply to your own personal situation.
b) Advice, tips and tasks.
c) Recommended further reading: literature and links.

Programme Overview

SESSION 1: The Power of Financial Statements. The one ridiculously simple way to achieve any financial goal
Learning the skills and regular habit of compiling financial statements on a daily, weekly and annual basis is the foundation of wealth creation and the basis for achieving financial freedom.
This session explains in detail why you should compile financial statements, and how you can best prepare them.

SESSION 2: Marketing: The Art of Seduction.
This session explains why you often find that you spend more than you had initially intended – and often beyond your means!
It will help you to learn how to protect yourself from irrational spending.

SESSION 3: Models of a Well-Planned Financial Life (part 1 of 5). Financial Security.
The first phase in the short series: Models of a Well-Planned Financial Life presents an effective way to harmonize and match financial planning to the most vital dimensions of our lives: spiritual, emotional, family, personal and professional.
It will also show you how to build proper cost structures in order to achieve financial freedom.

SESSION 4: Models of a Well-Planned Financial Life (part 2 of 5). Hierarchy of financial needs.
The second phase in the series of Models of a Well-Planned Financial Life presents the typical hierarchy of values adhered to by the rich and successful. It demonstrates how you can gain control over your finances by exercising emotional control.
Achieving this insight is particularly inspiring and extremely useful in everyday life.

SESSION 5: Models of a Well-Planned Financial Life (part 3 of 5). Three demons.
The third phase in the series Models of a Well-Planned Financial Life deals with the ‘three ghosts’ that often haunt your thinking. These ‘three ghosts’ hinder and prevent the effective implementation of personal financial goals.
This session will also offer a highly effective remedy against the external and internal barriers that might block your path to becoming rich.

SESSION 6: Models of a Well-Planned Financial Life (part 4 of 5). To be or not to be.
The fourth phase in the series Models of a Well-Planned Financial Life reveals some very serious internal obstacles to financial prosperity. It shows how proper diagnosis can solve problems often embedded in our subconscious minds.
With the help of these insights, you will be able to overcome an enemy more dangerous than any bailiff – and more intrusive than any illegal debt collection company.

SESSION 7: Models of a Well-Planned Financial Life (part 5 of 5). Your money counts!
The final phase in the series Models of a Well-Planned Financial Life shows the impact of time on your money. This session also answers the question of whether God- whatever that may mean for you- cares about your wealth and financial welfare.

SESSION 8: Financial Freedom, or a Life on Loan?
This session explores the answers to three key questions:
– Why is it so easy to get into debt?
– When should you look to take on credit, and when should it be avoided at any cost?
– How and when should you take out a loan to maintain your personal financial security?

SESSION 9: Debt: the Curse and Blessing of our Times?
This session unravels the curse and blessing that debt is. It answers the questions:
– What should you do when you are sinking in debt?
– How can you plan the way forward, what strategies should you implement?
– How can the nightmare of debt often be an unexpected pathway to wealth and financial freedom?

SESSION 10: Cash Never Rests: Compound Interest.
This session will introduce you to the extraordinary world of wealth that follows from developing skill and creativity in financial mathematics. You will see how money creates money and look at the mechanisms of compound interest.
By using these mechanisms wisely to your advantage, you will be able to spend the rest of your life accumulating wealth. This will enable you to build a financial legacy for your family to inherit.

SESSION 11: Decision Time for You.
Why should you actually plan, control and consciously shape the financial side of your life?
Why would – or should – you and I be so different from the 95% (maybe even 98%) of the population who live in the hope (perhaps also the belief) that someone else will somehow eventually take care of these troubling matters: my life, and my money?
Can’t an employer, a bank, the government take care of everything? Thanks to this session you understand how action – and only action – is the crucial element of every financial plan!

About the course author

My name is Andrzej Manka, and I’m entrepreneur. I am founder of The Financial Manifesto, a project which aims to transform financial systems into effective and transparent tools of both individual and social wellbeing.

I am also a financial blogger, speaker, and an author of various publications about finance, business, AI and robotics, and sales & marketing.

I am passionate about the future of entrepreneurship, when artificial intelligence and cognitive automation will enable people to realize their full potential.

I Live in North London with my wife and two kids. I am a passionate runner and a lover of jazz.

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You get 50+ financial tips, 30+ exercises, 20+ useful links to expand your financial knowledge, 11 sessions and 10 models of financial life. Plus plenty of real-life examples, practical knowledge and a lot of inspiration.

You will also be added to a private Facebook group to enable you to discuss financial challenges, share experiences, support and be supported!

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