The Future Of Money

3 hot 2019 finance trends: what to expect and how to prepare

Even though all predictions are highly speculative, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to make some financial prognosis at the beginning of a new year.   If we’ve observed, however, key major developments in the finance industry for the last two to three years, especially in fintech, it shouldn’t be too difficult to predict changes […] Read more

What shapes the future of money

04.12.2017 | The Future Of Money

It looks like whenever we think about the future of money we must also, or perhaps even first of all, think about something other than money. Power, creativity, innovation, intention, greed, generosity, justice, social relationship and control – this is what comes to mind when we evoke the concept of money. The powerful aspect of […] Read more

Let’s talk about money

29.10.2017 | The Future Of Money

Perhaps one of the most fascinating concepts of the contemporary world is the concept of money. With the various schools of thought that exist around money, you’d sometimes be forgiven for thinking that we are living in parallel universes and realities! First School of Money – Old School The old school of thinking on money […] Read more

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