The 3 dangerous myths that prevent us from earning more money

19.11.2019 | SuperWebinar

There are three types of people who run personal finance management projects. A rich and famous influencer whose message to the audience is “if you want to be rich, happy and famous like me, just follow my advice.” An expert who showcases his or her great professional career and various certificates and says “look how […] Read more

How to generate more money

23.06.2019 | SuperWebinar

After an exciting SuperWebinar about the future of money we organized in May 2019, now it’s time for the next online conference – this time in SuperWebinar, we will be talking about how to earn more money. If you want to watch a video from the SuperWebinar about the future of personal finance please visit […] Read more

The future of finance – an online conference to help you manage your personal money

10.05.2019 | SuperWebinar

On Saturday 18th May 2019 you are invited to join us for SuperWebinar, the leading online conference devoted to the future of finance. The conference kicks off at 10 am GMT (London, UK) and will finish in the afternoon. Speakers from the UK, Poland and around the world will deliver a wide range of fantastic […] Read more

In the future people will not be leaving their homes. Interview with Lukasz Zelezny

Andrzej Manka: How did you begin your journey to become one of the most interesting influencers, entrepreneurs and marketers in the UK? Lukasz Zelezny: In 2005, I decided to move to Zakopane where I got a job. I already knew a bit about SEO because of my career as a DJ, which I’d been doing […] Read more

Everything you need to know about finance to develop your full potential

15.03.2019 | SuperWebinar

Financial information is everywhere, and ingrained in popular knowledge. Every newspaper, TV and radio station publishes news about stock reports, share prices, inflation, and the current level of consumption. In the last few years there’s also been a lot of information from the new, dynamic industry of fintech, where finance meets new technologies. We can […] Read more

3 hot 2019 finance trends: what to expect and how to prepare

Even though all predictions are highly speculative, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to make some financial prognosis at the beginning of a new year.   If we’ve observed, however, key major developments in the finance industry for the last two to three years, especially in fintech, it shouldn’t be too difficult to predict changes […] Read more

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