Personal Finance Course

Online Personal Finance Course: How to make your money work for you!

This Online Personal Finance Course: “How to make your money work for you!” is based on my own personal experiences of life and finance. It puts forward a set of patterns of thinking and specific action plans that have proved effective for me personally. The course also offers lots of practical advice along the way. I […] Read more

Marketing. The art of seduction

In this session we will look at the reasons why you often spend more than you had planned to – and even more than you actually have! We will also discuss ways to protect yourself from irrational spending. But first let’s look at a little tale about motivation, and the scale of our needs and […] Read more

The one ridiculously simple way to achieve any financial goal

Financial statements are the first very powerful step to personal wealth, and the foundation of financial health. Most people are convinced that their incomes are too low, that they don’t have enough money to cover their needs: but too often, the truth is that they spend money in an irrational way. Example 1. David Bach, […] Read more

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