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The best 15 questions you can ever ask about your personal finance

Did you ever consider how powerful questions are? Are you asking the right ones? If you want a better life then ask better questions. To ask questions is a big deal! We all ask questions, of course, but they are often framed in the wrong way. Questions such as: “Why is this happening to me?” […] Read more

100 essential questions and answers about your personal finance and business. Session 1

This is the first inaugural session of the online personal finance course entitled “100 essential questions and answers about your personal finance and business”. If you join the course from the beginning you will belong to the first group of people who can take advantage of the fact that we will be meeting live every […] Read more

Cash never rests: compound interest

This session was compiled on the basis of a text by Dr. Andrzej Fesnak, EFC (European Financial Consultant), Master Trainer (an expert in teaching an effective combination of sound practice and creative theory) specializing in the fields of financial education and project financing, also a noted assistant professor and journalist in Business and Economics, a […] Read more

Debt – curse or blessing of our times?

As we discussed in the previous session of this personal financial planning course, our debts are the result of rushing into ever-increasing levels of borrowing. Other important causes of the accumulation of debt can be found, among others, in Session 2 (“Marketing. The Art of Seduction”), where we showed how irrational financial decisions may be […] Read more

What can you learn about money on Valentine’s day? Have money and love got anything in common? Yes, and here’s why!

Love and money belong to totally different categories. Love is about how to live; how I treat others and also myself. Money, on the other hand, is a tool. It’s a concept to help us maintain order in society, to measure values and to exchange goods. It enables us to save, invest and earn. It […] Read more

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