How to enjoy the Christmas festive season without being broke in January. Newsletter of The Financial Manifesto – Issue #9

17.12.2018 | Newsletter

I love Christmas and New Year’s festivities!  It is the most extraordinary period of the year. There are so many great things happening during this time: the giving of gifts, special events, festive food, big family gatherings, relaxing with friends, lovely smells, sounds and decorations; time to slow down and enjoy life! In this article, […] Read more

These forty years now I’ve been speaking in prose without knowing it! Newsletter of The Financial Manifesto – Issue #2

29.08.2018 | Newsletter

It takes time and courage to transform our financial habits and decisions. Finances are deeply rooted in everything we do. They affect everything we plan, dream and pursue. You can read a new book on personal finance management every week, you can attend a new financial workshop every weekend, you can download every financial app […] Read more

Easy and comfortable life is not as great as you may think. Newsletter of The Financial Manifesto – Issue #1

19.08.2018 | Newsletter

Our patterns of thinking and the ways in which we behave follow messages that have been recorded in our minds throughout our lives. We reproduce what we have learned from our parents and siblings, then from our teachers and friends in school. We play roles designed for us by the media and advertising industry, and […] Read more

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