How to use professional financial advice to achieve the best possible results

14.03.2018 | Meetup

Professional financial planning is the only serious antidote for the challenges we face in managing our personal finances. Financial planning is also the only way to achieve those more ambitious financial goals. What is fascinating about financial goals is that they comprise of personal, emotional, business, professional, family and social dimensions. This makes financial planning […] Read more

Every little thing you do matters!

29.09.2017 | Meetup

In the everyday practice of personal finance management, there is an urgent need to both teach technical skills and raise awareness of the ethical dimension of financial decisions. No one can remain neutral. There is always an intention behind everything we do. The concept of neutrality does not fit what we know of the nature […] Read more

Let’s meet up in London on Saturday

09.09.2017 | Meetup

We are pleased to invite you to attend our event, “The 7 Steps For Developing Your Financial IQ And Making Your Personal Finance Simply Brilliant”, organised by founders of The Financial Manifesto. The Financial Manifesto is a new project, a social movement that aims to shape financial future through financial education, understanding the constantly evolving […] Read more

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