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Are there any reasons for financial education?

When I think about my education, I can’t avoid looking backwards into my childhood. This journey is not especially long – only a half a century.  As you presume, I attended grammar school and then spent five years at university.   I learnt many things, but  what of these are still valid today? Of course […] Read more

Net worth and her mysteries

John is worth £1 000 000 and Mary is worth just £800 000. So, John is in a much better situation as he has £200 000 more than Mary. However, everybody knows from CIA action movies that ‘things aren’t always as they seem’… A financial advisor will always use same magic formula, saying: “Your first […] Read more

What is the most fundamental financial advice you have ever received?

The purpose of The Financial Manifesto blog is to equip you with all the knowledge you’ll ever need about the nature of money in general, and about personal finance management in particular. Read more

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