In the future people will not be leaving their homes. Interview with Lukasz Zelezny

29.12.2020 | A Wider Perspective

Andrzej Manka: How did you begin your journey to become one of the most interesting influencers, entrepreneurs and marketers in the UK?

Lukasz Zelezny: In 2005, I decided to move to Zakopane where I got a job. I already knew a bit about SEO because of my career as a DJ, which I’d been doing since the early 00’s. So, I decided to continue learning SEO in addition to the basic website design I was responsible for at the time. In 2007 I made a big change and moved to the UK, which I’d always wanted to do. I made the move with just £400 GBP in my pocket, that was it.

My priority was to find a job where I could earn enough to survive, and it ended up being at a 2 person (including myself) Chinese company. We were designing websites using Joomla – the good old days! Then slowly, step by step, I moved forward until I became the SEO director of Zoopla / uSwitch; one of the biggest property listing and comparison companies in the UK.

Why you are so passionate about SEO? What is so special in SEO? Is it an art form, a science, or just a business tool?

First of all, it’s never fully transparent. SEO doesn’t work like PPC – call us and we will sort it out. Everyone has their own Kung Fu. Aside from this, here in the UK we have a huge community of people who are always open to catch up at meetups and conferences. We obviously don’t purely talk about SEO, but this community gives us a feeling of being part of something special. Finally, SEO is a lifestyle – meeting up with my fantastic clients, meeting people at conferences where I am speaking, traveling from one side of Europe to another in just 24 hours; I love it!

How SEO has evolved the last 10 or 20 years? And how it will develop in the future?

Surprisingly, it hasn’t evolved that much. Changes in algorithms are obvious, changes in SERPs too, but I don’t want to talk about this. What has really evolved is how the industry operates. The whole industry has simply matured. Everyone has matured: clients, companies, recruiting agencies. There is very little space for guerrilla SEO.

Nowadays, we don’t have customers phoning us up and saying “I want to be #1 on Google for the keywords Book, Flowers, Travel,” as they know SEO doesn’t work like that. And then there are consultants like myself who explain what a KPI is, how growth is calculated, why each step was taken, etc.

Does your music experience help you in your current career, or it is a closed chapter in your life?

Totally! Those crazy drum and bass days were brilliant, as all of us in this were doing what I call Unintentional PR. We did not even know we were doing PR for our own personal brands.

Do you prefer to speak and write in Polish or in English nowadays? What’s your experience communicating and working in both languages? Are there any major similarities or differences?

I may really hurt and disappoint some readers from Poland saying this, but I have to be honest, it’s way easier for me to speak English at conferences. I simply struggle with all these tech words like bounce rate, disavow, etc. I can’t express them in Polish. Also, because of the fact that my wife is from India, we use English at home.

What do you think will be the future of entrepreneurship? And how we will earn money in the future?

Unfortunately, the future doesn’t look that bright. Most people will not be leaving their homes. They’ll be working from their kitchen, ordering food and clothes online (hey, there’s a free return for clothes), going outside into the garden rather than to the local park, and watching TV or YouTube. This is what is around the corner. We may be richer, but only on our bank statements.

In the future, there will be less and less interaction between people in real-time, and people will only be taking holidays one to three times a year. You can see this already happening with the youngest generation.

They don’t know what unsupervised time is, because they are spending all their time at home. They don’t know what it’s like to be worried that mum may be upset when they get home late for lunch because they are eating when they want and mostly takeaway food, as mum is too busy working. I could give you plenty more examples.

You are our very special speaker at our online conference devoted to the future of finance. We will talk about finance from many different perspectives, including the future of jobs and the future of entrepreneurship. What do you think we should expect in the future when it comes to marketing and online business?

I would recommend being moderately optimistic about all these new things. Crypto currency, blockchain and these new debt card providers (let me stay quiet about who I’m referring to); they may look cool, but only time will show how much they are worth.

Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs need simple tools that help them to save plenty of time on all that unproductive paperwork.

  •    PayPal is one of the greatest examples. I use this not only as a payment processor, but also as an invoicing system.
  •    Then there’s PipeDrive for a CRM
  •    MojoHelpDesk as a help desk system
  •    Dropbox for backups
  •    MyDocSafe to send docs to my accountant


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