4 top-trending articles about money in 2018 part 2 of 3

Financial planning, investing, and education for kids – these are the hottest topics published on my blog in 2018. 

The article What you need to know about professional financial planning gives essential advice to anyone who wants to be successful with money. 

The only reasonable antidote to the complexity and challenges of modern finance is through professional financial planning. Only through a well prepared financial plan, which should be regularly revised and relentlessly executed, can one achieve durable wealth and a comfortable financial condition.

That also means peace of mind and productivity- the kind you can apply to all areas of your life. 

The next article is What are the golden rules of investment?, which I wrote as a guest post for this website.

Investing requires perfect focus as it is quite a complex job.

While 90% of people in society- or possibly even more- live by the devastating rule of instant gratification, a person who wants to invest successfully must develop the ability to delay gratification as much as it is necessary.

The investor attitude is a universal one. Whenever you sacrifice something now to gain something else in the future, you’re acting like an investor. It might be a course of public speaking or online marketing training: I sacrifice this year’s weekends to learn new skills in order to attract more customers next year. I invest my time and energy in the next couple of months to reap the benefits later. In Christian philosophy, a person may be ready to sacrifice life on earth to spend eternity in a paradise.

My wife’s article Alice in Financeland: Help your children manage money well takes us on a fascinating journey about money and kids. 

It is about how to educate kids financially, based on our own experience! 

What does parenting have to do with money? Well, our world is based on money (whether you like it or not), and children are an essential part of our society. The most important thing is, though, that today’s children are the adults of tomorrow. One day they will be the lever of economics – and maybe the ones who pay your pension out! Let’s make sure they are well prepared for the task, by investing in their (and through them, our own) future.

And here’s the kind of crown of my long research regarding the condition of a society I became a part of several years ago: Why I am not surprised that 70% of the British are broke; but actually is it really only about the UK…?

The intentionally provocative title about “broke British” could also be applied to any other democratic nation dominated by banks and big businesses. 

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