I am not passionate about personal finance!

04.10.2019 | A Wider Perspective

This text is the result of my last attempt to fill in the ‘About’ section of our website. About me, about us? What to write about? How to introduce myself? How to be serious, interesting, funny, and relevant for our readers, for you, at the same time? 

(By the way, please leave your thoughts in the comments after you read the text. I would be really thankful for the feedback! I haven’t yet finished the new About section on our website so every comment or piece of advice is worth its weight in gold)

You would probably agree with me that one of the typical stories in money blogs is this:

Look, I was broken and poor and now I am happy and rich.

How banal! Furthermore, it’s not necessarily true!

If you were broke, (like I was), because of a consumerist mindset, lack of financial knowledge or both, you will have to always be cautious! Consumerism (plus decadence, in my case) can be equally detrimental as any classical addiction such as drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

Besides, life is a process, so the idea of financial freedom and, in general, success as a permanent vacation is just a marketing illusion (by the way, if you want to know what a real “permanent vacation” looks like, just watch a Jim Jarmush movie).

When I was thinking about who can write these kinds of blogs, I decided it might be three types of people:

A rich person (and presumably a celebrity) whose message is “follow me and my advice if you want to have such an awesome life”.

An expert who says something like “Look how many years I worked in well-known banks and financial institutions, and how many great certificates I possess; there is no doubt my advice is first class!”

Or a blogger, someone who is a bit like everyone else, who simply wants to share their experiences and thoughts with the intention of helping readers in a more or less similar situation.

I feel that the best category for me is the third one. It doesn’t mean that I am poor and unknown or that I don’t have specialised financial knowledge – it’s just that I mean I’m definitely not a celebrity and/or an expert.

Perhaps I am a bit like you, who wants to use financial knowledge not be a millionaire, (at least not right now, not so fast!) but rather to solve current problems, like debts, or from a necessity to earn more or save more, or buy a house to let.

If so, you, like me, are probably not very passionate about personal finance. What is funny with finance is that it’s more about the whole concept of yourself: your lifestyle, your values and your character. Yes, financial mathematics and engineering are important in personal finance, but they are not enough.

I am good at personal finance, even if deep in my heart, I much prefer modern literature, music and cinema (not to mention dancing).

But if you are looking for practical knowledge to improve your financial standing, you’re in the right place!

I think probably everyone who wants to read a financial blog expects bloggers to love personal finance management, to literally breathe financial principles every day, to enjoy news from financial industries and to be excited about new money tips.

There is some truth in such statements and they are very relevant for me too, I’m not going to deny it. But generally, I am much more passionate about the fruits that proper personal finance management brings to our lives.

The tastiest fruit being freedom!

I don’t think we need to necessarily love what we do. First of all, very often we simply do things that are useful and helpful to us to grow faster. For instance, you don’t need to love finance to be good at finance; it’s enough sometimes that you appreciate the role money plays in your life and act accordingly.

I started learning finance because of some horrible financial problems. It was a very painful experience; you can find some tales of this experience on my blog and in my courses. 

My first experience was a few months working as a PR manager in the Polish branch of Rich Dad. Reading Kiyosaki (and also authors like Harv Eker or Bodo Schäfer) was a very awakening experience.

Then I had a chance to do marketing for some personal finance training companies in Warsaw where we ran well-known Polish finance, real estate and business seminars. Finally, I wrote a book about financial education. (The book, written in Polish, still brings some occasional money).

What was funny when I was writing a book about personal finance was that I was still more interested in keeping a good, academic style which, at that time, I regarded as most appropriate (and I was of course wrong, haha!). You can read a lot of books about finance, you can start understanding the nature of finance, you can even be ready to write a book and run personal finance seminars, but deep in your heart you might remain a hopeless consumerist. Unbelievable! This might be one of the reasons that one of the most important parts of my current business is to help people diminish the gap between what we know and what we do.

I am good at finance so you can find a lot of useful and tested knowledge on my blog, my online courses, apps, webinars and meetups – but don’t expect me to get excited about money!

Money is just a tool. Something very useful in our lives and businesses. That’s why some time ago I made a decision to make money the main topic of my blog and the subject of further exploration.

My biggest passion at the moment is business. I run a small startup company in London, UK where I work on a personal finance app and also a financial blog, meetups and workshops, webinars and online courses.

I’ve lived in London since July 2012. I relocated here from Warsaw with my wife and two kids

So far I’ve worked in the UK as a sales professional in companies like G1ant, Media 10 and Eden Springs. I’ve organized events and meetups, produced videos for small business.

I mainly write in English, which is my second language, because I hope to reach a wider audience with my business projects, especially Carol, my personal finance app. However, I still like Polish which gives me an original and fresh perspective on writing in English.

I like jazz, especially fusion. I love science fiction, authors like Philip K. Dick and Stanislaw Lem. Science fiction allows me to better understand the spirit of new tech and the future of finance.

I am also an NLP Practitioner, a former newborn Christian and a former atheist (still exploring).

My real finance and business progress started not so long ago; it happened only when I finally understood that entrepreneurship is my vocation. (This is another lesson for you – it doesn’t matter how good at finance you are until you know your big life goals!)

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Please, also have a look at our meetups, webinars and the online course. Share your thoughts or drop me an email.


Andrzej Manka

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