4 tried and tested ways to prepare for and benefit from Brexit. The only blog post you will ever need!

13.08.2019 | Brexit

We all have had rather enough of Brexit. Regardless of what your political or economic views are, no doubt you’d prefer to move forward on this issue. Whether you want the UK to enjoy being a member of the EU you want your country to regain full control over its destiny, we can probably all agree the whole “Brexit show” has definitely been around too long.

Unless you’ve already benefited from Brexit.


You are an ambitious politician who gains popularity from his or her radical views. You are a popular blogger whose audience is constantly growing because of your expressive and appealing views. Or you are a media owner and you know that every political spectacle brings you emotionally charged users.

It’s very possible that you’ve already noticed how Brexit has been, from the very beginning, a very profitable business for both sides – the so-called leavers and remainers. I mean, at least some of them.

There is no doubt that for many decent people, the question of whether to stay or leave the EU is a very serious, patriotic question. But for others it is just another opportunity to gain something and build their personal capital, whether this is political or financial.

How about the rest of us? Readers, viewers and listeners. Normal folks who are trying to make sense of current events and build a future?

Why not change a life strategy by not only preparing for Brexit, but also making plans to benefit from it?

Here are four steps to do just that.

1. Bring more money in your life through certainty. The certainty which is your rational choice and decision.

We’ve heard it a thousand times: Brexit brings uncertainty. Uncertainty is an illusion. Uncertainty is a fantastic and profitable product sold by the mass media. The more you feel uncertain, the more chance you would read, listen to or watch more media news in the hope of finally finding that certainty and security that is so important to every good life.

Of course, Brexit is a very important factor in our lives. It is a serious challenge for businesses across the country and in the EU. But it’s really nothing special.

In the last decade or two we have experienced a lot of disruptive technologies, such as Facebook, Google or Amazon. These – and hundreds of similar companies – ended an era of traditional media and totally changed the rules of the game. If you are a business person you’ll know that much bigger disruptors could emerge literally at any moment. Do you feel this brings uncertainty, or excitement perhaps?

We’ve gone through financial crises which brought so many bankruptcies on the one hand, but created new fortunes on the other. And you know that the next crisis is just around the corner. Are we paralysed by this eventuality? I don’t think so. Maybe because a crisis is generally anonymous, while Brexit has a name (and we could say, even a kind of personality). It’s all a matter of individual perception.

2. Decide what option is the most probable and invest your time and money in it.

There are a few scenarios that may be realized. Let’s have a look at two of them – but remember, there are so many more to take into account!

The UK will leave the EU and will prosper.
If you think this is true, then invest your money in the pound and in British companies.

The UK will leave the EU and will face economic decline.
Then invest in foreign currencies like the dollar or the Euro, and find good businesses from outside the UK to invest in.

Life is all about the art of making quick and effective decisions. No one can guarantee that your decision will be successful, but making a decision and moving forward (and then repeating this process again) is infinitely better than dwelling in so-called “uncertainty”: that is, passivity, fear and apathy.

3. Check what new people’s needs are and what they would pay for in these turbulent times. Then set up a business.

Every change brings new opportunities. It might be, for instance, a business that helps establish chapters of British companies in the EU, or legal and accountancy services. Or how about a new marketing agency that helps promote British brands in the EU after Brexit?

You could also explore great opportunities by being a new middle man for different kinds of companies in the UK and continental Europe. You could find a niche and profit from connecting businesses.

4. Generate money from price fluctuations.

You’ve no doubt noticed that property prices in the UK have changed slightly; the same has happened when it comes to currency, ratios and bond values. For instance, returns on UK government bonds decreased last time as investors tend to seek safer options amid no-deal Brexit worries.

What’s your expertise? Make some research, go to business networking events and find your investment opportunities.

There are a few more tactics you can take into consideration, like reviewing your credit cards when it comes to EU payments, your mobile and internet providers when abroad, or rethinking your holiday habits.

Personally, I am at the same time a Britophile and a Europhile, so for me these kinds of rational and politics-free strategies for Brexit are the only possible option.

This is my model of the world, if I may put it in this way.

Otherwise, I would feel as though I were living through a painful divorce. Instead, I’ve consciously chosen to bring certainty to my file, whether there is Brexit or not (and “any-other-exit” or unexpected event).

I’ve chosen to make decisions quickly and then relentlessly execute them. I definitely prefer to plan for the future and look after my business and finances.

I am sure you’ve heard this before: the best way to predict the future is to create it.

So what is your favourite Brexit strategy, and what are your tactics?

Andrzej Manka

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