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15.03.2019 | SuperWebinar

Financial information is everywhere, and ingrained in popular knowledge. Every newspaper, TV and radio station publishes news about stock reports, share prices, inflation, and the current level of consumption.

In the last few years there’s also been a lot of information from the new, dynamic industry of fintech, where finance meets new technologies. We can learn for example about new mobile apps or online tools to manage personal finances, how to take out a loan or buy insurance.

However, to be successful with personal money, this kind of knowledge is definitely not enough.

It’s much more beneficial to read popular blogs about how to save money. Blogs about personal finance are a wonderful source of information about some practical aspects of money. On the other hand, you cannot fully grasp the concept of money if you immerse yourself with all these current pieces of information about prices, special deals, and in general, how to save a few pounds here and there.

To manage our personal finances properly, we should start with a deep understanding of the nature of money. Money is paradoxically both very tangible and totally indefinable; it is imponderable and elusory. To be really good with money it’s not enough to learn some rules. We need to also know how to apply these rules and how these rules of money interfere with other rules of life. I would say even, more – we need to understand what reality lies beneath ‘the surface of life’.

Having at least a basic ability to answer questions about the nature of money is fundamental to be successful with money in the near future. Why? Because it helps to make effective decisions about investing, about multiplying money, especially if you are a business owner. Money is a very serious thing and an illusion at the same time – a bit like a particle in the world of quantum physics.

It is unbelievable that this knowledge can help to generate enormous money through original business systems.

After we have understood money, so we know how we can potentially use it, how we can multiply it to live abundantly in the world, it’s time to learn a few financial planning principles.

Professional financial planning consists of elements such as cash flow, retirement, investment, insurance, tax, education, estate, debt management, savings and inheritance.

Everyone knows that sometimes there is an unconquerable gap between what we plan to do and what we actually do. So after financial planning, this huge sphere of human emotions and psychology opens up.

How to build good financial habits – and whether these habits are just financial, or whether they are common to all dimensions of our life. What are the emotions behind money, and how does emotional IQ help us to manage finances? How can we use the pain and pleasure principle to achieve financial goals? These are only a few examples of how knowledge about human psychology helps with personal finance management.

The next set of financial issues are related to new technologies. What is the ideal bank of the future? Can Facebook be a better bank than one of the old institutions like Lloyds, Barclays or J.P. Morgan Chase & Co?

Who should produce money, and can everyone do that?

How can artificial intelligence change the way we deal with money? Can you imagine virtual reality as a tool to manage personal money, and learn how to invest and multiply it?

What is the next big thing after blockchain, and how can we diminish the gap between poor and rich without impeding progress and growth?

There are more essential questions about finance, with so much more to take into account. That’s why we organize SuperWebinar, the online conference about the future of money.

This conference has been designed for anybody who is interested in effective personal finance management and the near / long term future of money.

SuperWebinar will take place in two parallel rooms: The Financial Planning Conference Room and The Fintech Conference Room.

Speakers in The Financial Planning Conference Room will focus on the needs of employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

In The Fintech Conference Room major improvements in personal finance will be presented, and hot topics on how new technologies will determine the future of money will be delivered.

Please register here.

If you would like to speak at the SuperWebinar or you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please send us an email to joinus@thefinancialmanifesto.com. 

Andrzej Manka

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