This is what your future financial advisor will look like: The AI-based personal finance app from The Financial Manifesto LTD

Imagine your dream personal finance app. What it would be like? What is your ideal financial app that you can download on your mobile, computer, or even Amazon Echo and other useful devices to manage your personal finances? An app that helps you achieve your desired goals, to save and to invest, to accelerate your income, to get rid of debts, and to help you understand yourself through a very accurate psychological financial profile.

I’ve been thinking about such an app for a while, and have created a detailed plan for it. Let me tell you about the dream personal finance app that I am launching this year.

I want to invite you to take a quick journey through this app, and the end I’d like to ask you to comment and to express your opinion. Deal? Ok, let’s get started.

The name of this app is Carol. It was actually the idea of my 9 year-old daughter Alexandra, which she came up with while we walked together one sunny Saturday, having (as usual), a long and creative conversation.

The idea is something between a sports app that can measure your performance and help you set up and achieve financial goals, and a Social Media app, where you are supported by a like-minded community.

So, Carol is an AI-based application that allows you to control your personal money, understand all aspects of your financial decisions and successfully achieve ambitious financial goals.

The app will be available:

On the website,

On mobile,

And as an external device with a voice recognition.


Carol’s basic services will be delivered for free. The free option is very useful! It helps you solve basic financial problems like getting out of debt, setting up proper financial goals, understand banking services, and so on. It will be a life-changing experience for you.

Carol has also three commercial options based on a monthly subscription. This option is ideal if you feel you have more complex financial challenges to tackle. These are:

Carol’s family service is for users who want help to make those very important financial decisions in life, like taking out a mortgage or investing a significant amount of money. It will be also helpful for managing complex financial operations for the whole family.

Carol for small businesses is aimed at users who deal with both their personal finances and their company finances.

For professional investors who want to invest over £10,000, Carol will have an investor package.

You can choose one of the four versions and switch to the other one after some time if needed. It’s quick and easy to set up your account at Carol. You can also log in with other apps, like Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.  

If you wish, Carol can even analyse your Social Media activities and prepare a quick personal financial profile to help you understand the underlying motives of your financial decisions. Integration with other financial apps, like major banks and online payments apps, will allow you to track all your financial transactions in one place.


And there’s your dashboard – the centre of the app; a place when you can see all the important aspects of your personal finances (financial statements, how much you need to pay DAILY for your debts, credit cards, whether you need to adjust your spendings to match your financial goals, etc.)

With the first version of the dashboard, you input all your financial data according to this simple scheme: spending (a few subcategories), earnings (one main source and a few more additional), debts (a few categories) and other, for instance, insurance.

The second version will suit you if you’re concerned about your financial goals, and if the rest of your personal finances are subordinate to this goal. You are mainly focused on how to save and how to cut all unnecessary spending, as well as wanting to increase your earnings. This version will also prepare you to start investing your money, which is a much more complex process than saving or getting rid of debt.

The third version is for those of you who are concerned about your debts, and planning to get rid of debt. You will focus on controlling spending and increasing payments in order to pay debts.

You will, of course, receive notifications (mobile and/or email). These will appear:

1. When you exceed your spending,
2. When you are not hitting your financial target,
3. When you are on target – to keep you on track!

The second part of the dashboard is an educational online course – whichever option you have chosen you will always have access to this part of the app (consisting of online courses you can read in the app and/or on our blog, by email, and so on.)

Carol also shows you the best articles, podcasts, videos from our blog and financial exercises and online courses.

She demonstrates excellent investment opportunities, enables you to access peer to peer lending and borrowing, and inform you about local shopping deals & special offers.

Carol encourages you to build your own community by inviting friends, commenting on someone else’s financial operations, coaching others, asking for help, and choosing a mentoring plan.

Meet Carol, your future personal finance app. How does it sound? Do you like the idea? Would you join us, or would you prefer a different kind of app? Please, share your opinion.


Andrzej Manka

Founder of The Financial Manifesto LTD, a project to transform global finances into effective and transparent tools of both individual and social wellbeing.

Andrzej Manka

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