What can you learn about money on Valentine’s day? Have money and love got anything in common? Yes, and here’s why!

12.02.2019 | Financial Education

Love and money belong to totally different categories. Love is about how to live; how I treat others and also myself. Money, on the other hand, is a tool. It’s a concept to help us maintain order in society, to measure values and to exchange goods. It enables us to save, invest and earn. It […] Read more

This is what your future financial advisor will look like: The AI-based personal finance app from The Financial Manifesto LTD

Imagine your dream personal finance app. What it would be like? What is your ideal financial app that you can download on your mobile, computer, or even Amazon Echo and other useful devices to manage your personal finances? An app that helps you achieve your desired goals, to save and to invest, to accelerate your […] Read more

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