How to enjoy the Christmas festive season without being broke in January. Newsletter of The Financial Manifesto – Issue #9

17.12.2018 | Newsletter

I love Christmas and New Year’s festivities! 

It is the most extraordinary period of the year. There are so many great things happening during this time: the giving of gifts, special events, festive food, big family gatherings, relaxing with friends, lovely smells, sounds and decorations; time to slow down and enjoy life! In this article, I presented a personal list of 10 values that I believe make the Christmas and New Year season unequivocally the best. The spirit of generosity, a sense of high expectancy, the power of love, and the feeling of victory are amongst these 10 values that make life so special and exciting during this time. So, one serious question we should ask ourselves is how can we extend this atmosphere into the whole year?

Then, when New Year comes, we can hit the reset button and set up ambitious resolutions for the coming 12 months. However, research indicates that only around 8 – 10% of people will actually commit to their resolutions. Do you know why? Here’s an article that can help you to understand, and show you an effective way to fulfil your New Year’s resolutions properly.  

This time of year is also the cause of a lot of financial stress. There are so many expenses and so many special occasions for us to spend more money than usual.

How can we prepare for this? How can we buy all these great presents without experiencing financial stress? How can we prosper financially without being broke in January? How can we manage personal finance effectively? How can we avoid slipping into consumer debt? How can we save money while still buying everything that’s necessary?  

Personal finance management is absolutely vital over the Christmas period. This time of year is like litmus paper for your finances. Strong emotions from festive advertisements and other forms of advertising can make your financial decisions susceptible to rash and impulsive purchases.

Let’s prepare for Christmas and New Year 2018/19! Let’s aim to find the best deals, to really enjoy this beautiful time, and to really prosper in the new year! If you want to know how to excel in personal finance management, why not sign up to our online course that consists of 50+ financial tips, 30+ exercises, 20+ useful links to expand your financial knowledge, 11 sessions, and 10 models of financial life.


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Andrzej Manka

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Andrzej Manka

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