The future of personal finance and how to benefit from developing trends

20.10.2018 | SuperWebinar

On November 3rd we are launching the first edition of the SuperWebinar – an online conference devoted to personal finance management. This skill is absolutely essential for success, wellbeing and peace of mind.

The big challenge with modern finance is that it has become more complex. That means that financial management requires quite a versatile knowledge and very special skills.

We want to help you succeed with your money whether you want to get rid of debt, save or invest. The purpose of SuperWebinar cycle is to equip you with practical skills and help you to understand what’s going to happen.

John Crittenden from Pefin, the world’s 1st AI financial advisor will focus on new tech and AI driven financial opportunities.

Henry Leveson-Gower, director of New Economic Knowledge Services will present a topic “Personal Finance taking uncertainty seriously in a period of turbulence.” Planning your financial future requires some view of the future. Designing a porfolio of investments requires some idea of different risks and returns. Real or Knightian uncertainty implies no such knowledge. At times when the world seems relatively stable, this is probably not an issue as the future is likely to be not so different from the past. However we currently seem to live in an age of turbulence, political, economic and social. Much in the future seems uncertain. In this situation, how should you plan your financial future?

Dr Andrzej Fesnak, EFC®, Licensed Financial Advisor, European Financial Consultant will deliver a presentation about how to apply financial planning principles.

Simone Vincenzi, The Experts Strategist, will show how to become an authority in your field and triple your income.

Andrzej Manka, founder of The Financial Manifesto, will introduce the main trends in finance transformation.

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Look forward to seeing you at the SuperWebinar!

Andrzej Manka, organizer and founder of The Financial Manifesto

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