Easy and comfortable life is not as great as you may think. Newsletter of The Financial Manifesto – Issue #1

19.08.2018 | Newsletter

Our patterns of thinking and the ways in which we behave follow messages that have been recorded in our minds throughout our lives. We reproduce what we have learned from our parents and siblings, then from our teachers and friends in school. We play roles designed for us by the media and advertising industry, and by religions and governments.

With help of a good coach or mentor, we can review these “recorded tapes” operating in the subconscious mind to determine which ones serve us and which don’t.

My parents thought that I should work hard – but not as hard as they had to. They wanted to protect me against the hurdles of life. I think it is typical for parents who are successful financially; they want to give their kids a better and easier life than they had.

When I was 17, my parents gifted me quite a big house, and when I passed my university exams I was given a nice car. I did not have to work during my university course, as some of my friends did.

However, the problem is that this easier and more comfortable life, is not as great as you may think. Human nature and our potential for greatness actually only develop through overcoming barriers and challenges. The bigger the obstacles, the greater the achievements.

My parents wanted me to understand some financial principles such as savings, earnings, budgeting, the value of property, etc. But these skills were not high priorities. They hoped that good schools would give me a better insight about what the good life is all about.

The schools were outstanding, but they did not teach me about the real world.

As a result, I made a lot of bad financial choices and went through the hell of debt and a lot of financial stress.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my parents and I don’t blame them for my past financial issues. I have taken responsibility for my own life, and for regularly reviewing all those recorded tapes in my mind.

After I had taken responsibility for my life, I went from the financial hell to financial freedom.

Taking responsibility for your life might be difficult and even scary, but this is the only way to have a fulfilling life. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. Accept them, learn from them, and move forward.

The next step is to act in the interest of others. It is a fantastic feeling to free yourself from the heavy burden of thinking mainly about yourself and focus on the people around you.

Let’s make a positive difference together.

Can you please read The Financial Manifesto, a very special document we’ve prepared to raise financial awareness in our society? Please sign it and then invite your friends to do the same!


Andrzej Manka


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