Why we can’t keep New Year’s resolutions and how to change this

29.12.2017 | Behind Money

We are born optimists. We believe in impossible things, in travelling through time, and big space discoveries, in an eternal paradise and final victory of good over evil. We believe that every human being contains a divine element so we can pursue the big goals. Only optimists are able to set up goals, whether small […] Read more

The 10 Key Words That Explain The Phenomenon Of The Christmas And New Year Festive Season

22.12.2017 | Behind Money

What makes the last two weeks, or even three or four weeks of the year so exceptional? Why would it be so difficult for any other time of year to compete with this season, including even the most exciting summer time? How does business benefits from the ideology of this festive period? How do we explain […] Read more

Are there any reasons for financial education?

When I think about my education, I can’t avoid looking backwards into my childhood. This journey is not especially long – only a half a century.  As you presume, I attended grammar school and then spent five years at university.   I learnt many things, but  what of these are still valid today? Of course […] Read more

AI is a game-changer. It’s bigger than the internet itself

08.12.2017 | A Wider Perspective

Frank Casale is an entrepreneur and founder of the Institute for the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI), a global network of executives interested in recent advancements in process automation; and the Outsourcing Institute, the largest network of outsourcing professionals in the world. I met up with him this week to […] Read more

What shapes the future of money

04.12.2017 | The Future Of Money

It looks like whenever we think about the future of money we must also, or perhaps even first of all, think about something other than money. Power, creativity, innovation, intention, greed, generosity, justice, social relationship and control – this is what comes to mind when we evoke the concept of money. The powerful aspect of […] Read more

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