The Power of Persuasion: Three Little Known Powerful Techniques

Persuading people is one of the essential skills in life and in business. When you know how to persuade you can certainly generate more money and make a much more impressive professional career. You can also sell more, do more business and have a stronger feeling of living a fulfilling life. Persuasion is a natural […] Read more

Good stories are memorable. Great ones are unforgettable

How storytelling builds perception   Storytelling predates writing. Storytellers were perceived as leaders and teachers.  If you are familiar with Yoda from Star Wars the best storytellers were regarded as powerful spiritual guides, a bit eccentric and as special secret keepers.  Storytelling is art. Art and science. It requires a lot of effort to understand […] Read more

The Not-So-Magic Sales Formula For Startups

10.01.2021 | Sales management

At least since the time of famous bestselling books like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, or Richard St. John’s “8 to Be Great: The 8-Traits That Lead to Great Success” we have loved knowing what the best of the best among us think, and how they act. We love to […] Read more

3 hot 2021 finance trends: what to expect and how to prepare

04.01.2021 | The Future Of Money

Even though all predictions are highly speculative, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to make some financial prognosis at the beginning of a new year.   If we’ve observed, however, key major developments in the finance industry for the last two to three years, especially in fintech, it shouldn’t be too difficult to predict changes […] Read more

Why we can’t keep New Year’s resolutions and how to change this

29.12.2020 | Behind Money

We are born optimists. We believe in impossible things, in travelling through time, and big space discoveries, in an eternal paradise and final victory of good over evil. We believe that every human being contains a divine element so we can pursue the big goals. Only optimists are able to set up goals, whether small […] Read more

Quantum physics and your money

I guess you are probably familiar with quantum physics? Quantum physics is sometimes called quantum weirdness, because according to this theory, the reality we live in is incredibly paradoxical and strange. Quantum theory is concerned with understanding the smallest components of our world, at the so-called sub-atomic level. This world is smaller than we can […] Read more

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