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The causes of every financial crisis are rooted in a lack of understanding the nature and rules of money. To prosper, rather than suffer, from finance, we all need to learn these rules. All complex systems, including financial systems, work best when everyone understands and sticks to the same rules without abusing them.

We have had enough of being the victims of ongoing financial crisis. We want to take matters into our own hands and shape our own financial destiny. That’s why we are launching The Financial Manifesto, a social movement which aims to transform the lives of individuals and societies through financial education.

Please carefully read The Financial Manifesto, then sign it, comment on it, and share it.

The Financial Manifesto

We, the undersigned citizens from nations across the world, declare the following beliefs regarding the necessity of financial education for individuals worldwide.

  1. We recognise all fundamental principles (whether liberal, social or political) that serve both men and women in their pursuit of excellence, wellbeing, happiness and social harmony, to be the basis of support for human rights and for understanding the concept of human dignity in practical terms.
  2. We believe that human beings are essentially defined by their ability to think and act as independent beings, and should therefore also have the power to use money according to this rational choice.
  3. We believe that human beings have the intrinsic ability to distinguish between productive (appropriate) and unproductive (inappropriate) uses of money.
  4. We believe that any omission (or suppression) of financial education inevitably leads to the reduction, or even elimination of human freedom and dignity.
  5. We hold the view that those possessing adequate financial resources and adequate financial knowledge are less susceptible to the influential temptation of extremist ideologies of any type, whether political, religious, social, cultural, or consumerist.
  6. We believe that the appropriate use of money has always provided the best foundation for the welfare of human beings, their community and the world. A deeper understanding of finance will protect individuals from those who seek to exploit or abuse.
  7. We believe that financial education can assist individuals in acquiring the material wealth and financial security that are necessary for any meaningful sort of rational choice.
  8. We believe that only financial wisdom, which financial education can develop, can prevent humankind from misusing money, and in doing so, can free individuals from too great a dependence on commercial advertising and any kind of manipulation.
  9. We believe that financial education should be the basis of family finance planning and should therefore be taught and encouraged both as an essential component of the school curriculum, and by other educational, social and cultural organisations around the world.
  10. We believe that cooperation and solidarity between financially well-educated, rational people is a growing requirement of the pursuit of peace and harmony in the modern world.
  11. We believe that widespread financial education and an awareness of how to create adequate wealth will create a strong sense of moral and civic responsibility in the majority of citizens, and thus a sense of duty to continue the work of financial awareness amongst others and across generations.
  12. We believe that, when based on trust and not on ‘precious metal’, money is the foundation of a social relationship.
  13. We aim to help diminish the gap between rich and poor. We know that this gap is a source of many social inequalities. The existence of poverty is shameful and unnecessary.
  14. We believe that, very soon, Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence software will be able to make financial decisions for us. Those decisions will be better, faster and made without any cognitive and emotional bias. However, we also believe that even when AI is able to do all human jobs and make all human decisions we, as rational beings, will still be obliged to develop our skills, educate, and work both wisely and hard to fulfil our great destiny and to live our lives to the full.
  15. We consider money/personal finance from many different perspectives: cultural, economic, social, psychological, marketing, personal etc. We will be discussing money matters with specialists representing all these different fields and industries. This is the best way, or perhaps the only way, to comprehend the complexities and paradoxes of contemporary money.

Therefore, we call on all men and women throughout the world who broadly share these beliefs to join us in our endeavour to ensure their acceptance and a will to act on them.

Please sign The Financial Manifesto, comment it and share it.

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